Course Description

Course Code : IN-

As part of C2K’s ongoing development of its electrical courses M-E 1 Electrical Principles has been designed with the intention of giving either, existing mechanical tradesmen, or those wishing to undertake a re-visit of previous training a basic understanding of electrical principles, along with practical exercises to consolidate understanding. Once taken it is the intention that candidates then move on to M-E Pt. 2 which covers both the theory and practical issues of Safe Isolation, motor testing and wiring of DOL, Star-Delta, Soft Start and Variable Speed Drives.

Course Objectives

to follow soon

Course Features

Week ONE 

  • Overview of current statutory & Non statutory Regulations including Part P 
  • The Electricity @ Work Regulations & IET Wiring Regulations 
  • Theory of Electricity
  • Health & Safety when working with Electricity 
  • Ohm's Law 
  • Circuit Principles & use of meters 
  • Testing of cables 
  • Supply Systems 
  • Overcurrent Devices & Switchgear Fuses 
  • Overcurrent Devices & Switchgear MCB's
  • Plug top safety 
  • Types of cables & Connections 
  • Wiring Systems & Terminations 
  • End of week exam 


  • Isolation
  • Securing off Fuses & MCB's
  • Wiring systems & Terminations 
  • Magnetic Principles 
  • Three Phase Induction motor principles Advantages & Disadvantages 
  • Reading of three phase motor plates 
  • Connection of Motors DOL
  • Reduced current Starting 
  • Variable Speed Drives 
  • Practical tests 
  • Revision & Exam