Course Description

Course Code : BM011

This course is designed for Team Leaders who need to make presentations to groups. It will help delegates to deliver clean, concise and memorable presentations by developing the skill of objective setting, planning and presenting.

Course Objectives

to follow

Course Features

  • Day  1 
  • Select realistic objectives for presentations.
  • Structure presentations logically to communicate the message effectively.
  • Recognise the problem of presenting to diverse groups.
  • Use visual aids effectively, Deal with interruptions.
  • Invite and respond to questions.

Day 2

  • Objectively define the outcomes they seek from their presentations
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the communication process
  • Identify the factors that will influence the way they design and structure their presentations
  • Identify how they interact with their audience positively and appropriately
  • Draw up their personal development action plan