Data Collection - Production data, Energy Monitoring

Data collection can be a technical minefield. Sourcing software and hardware that will allow you to connect to your particular technologies – and then you have to configure it!

Over the years we have listened to people in a wide range of industries and sectors and understand that there is a need for a system that will connect easily, and can be configured simply to record the data that you need. The hub of our data collection suite is Industreweb Collect, and by supporting industry standards such as OPC, we are able to interface to an extensive range of compliant devices, so we can pickup live data. If you don’t wish to interface with existing technology or there is no automation we can also overlay a system with sensors to collect data. Whether you choose either or a mixture of both, it’s all easy to setup and very cost effective. How and where to store the data is another big issue. By default you get a MS SQL Express database built in, this will cater for nearly every data collection requirement. If however you have other requirements, such as storing the data in a central company database, not a problem since we have built in support for every common database format and other file based formats too.

Once you have your data, you need to put it to good use, otherwise there’s no point collecting it. With Industreweb you can display it (HMI & Display), produce trends and reports from it (Global), and also roll out process improvement schemes and verify their effectiveness with real up to date data (Learn). Add in email and SMS alerts, wireless options and solid customer support, all at a very compelling price.