Services / Legacy System Upgrade

If your existing system is getting towards the end of its serviceable life or no longer meets your needs, then it might be time to consider a system upgrade.

With our diverse family of sensors, scanners and system platforms, we can handle just about any upgrade task. We can upgrade your existing analogue touch monitor to the latest LCD touch technology, including a 3-year warranty. We can upgrade old scanners with new stepper motor drives and the latest computer interfaces, so that they perform as good as new.

We also can provide an evaluation to make sure that the measurement technology that you're using is still the best for your application. We can demonstrate the improvements that you will receive from a sensor and system upgrade, and then recommend the best and most economical upgrade path to provide this new level of performance.

We can even handle upgrades of competitors' scanners, retrofiting them with our sensors and drive systems, to maximize your return on upgrade investment.