Supply Chain Integration

The main ingredient of the Supply Chain Integration solution is Industreweb Global. Via a web browser you have the power and flexibility to monitor and keep track of goods coming in all the way through your processes to the point in which they leave ready to be collected.

You have the flexibility to track every inch of your processes all in real time, anywhere in the world. Industreweb Global also gives you the option of letting your suppliers keep check of your stock levels so they know when to deliver more goods and also lets your customers monitor your out going stock levels so they know when to pick up.

Basically it cuts out errors, misunderstandings and disappointment, leading to continued and improved business. Along with order tracking it allows you to check upon machine production rates and machine downtime via a secured login procedure in the surrounding of your office or even home. Industreweb Global has been developed to be as user friendly and usable as possible. Giving you all the strategic information you require via reports, charts and online real time tracking.