Omron PLC - Basic

Course Code:   IN009

Course Description:

This course is designed for skilled Maintenance Personnel and appropriate Machine Operators. No previous knowledge of PLCs required.Software used, SSS (DOS) SYSWIN (Windows ) or Handheld Programmer

Learning Objectives:

  • To be familiar with the setup and management of projects
  • To understand how to setup and make changes to a hardware configuration
  • To understand the structure of a PLC programme and its operation
  • To be able to implement and edit a PLC programme
  • To understand the fundamentals of PLC logic instructions in ladder and mnemonic format
  • To understand fundamental programming functions including Times and Counters
  • To be able to use the CX-One Software suite to be able to determine the cause of PLC and Machine faults

Course Content:

  • Day 1  -  Buzzwords and Terminology
  • Numbering Systems.
  • Overview of ‘C’ series PLC range.
  • PLC hardware components.
  • PLC Memory Areas and Addressing.
  • Use of Handheld Programmer / Modes of Operation.
  • Writing Software Use of Laptop Computer / Operating Menus.
  • Function Keys.
  • Basic Programming Operation.
  • Timers/Counters.


  • Day 2  -  Core Functions KEEP DIFU/DIFD INC/DEC CMP MOV, etc.
  • Basic Diagnostics Techniques.
  • Monitoring, Forcing, Changing Timer Values, etc.

Course duration (days):   2

Course cost (per delegate):   £300 + VAT

Certification:   In House

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