Course Description

Course Code : CTRL1010


Introduces delegates to a basic understanding of an Allen Bradley RS Logix 500 PLC System. Using an SLC503 CPU delegates will configure hardware, setup a project and understand the principles of data files and the primary ladder logic functions. In addition understanding of basic fault finding is covered.

Course Objectives

To introduce delegates to a basic overall understanding of Allen Bradley RS Logix 500 PLC System.

Course Features


  • A practical introduction to SLC500 processors, associated rack equipment and modules
  • Overview of system hardware and RS Logix 500 programming software
  • RS Linx and RS Who communications settings
  • System menus and configuration
  • Processor configuration
  • Memory mapping and organisation
  • Processor files and sub routines
  • Data files, I/O files and Data monitoring
  • Basic ladder programming with use of editor
  • Logic instructions
  • Application of timer, counter instructions
  • Introduction of fault finding concepts and troubleshooting
  • The course is essentially hands on and, conducted via a structured set of practical exercises