Course Description

Course Code : BMBA2010

Course Objectives

To provide delegates with an understanding of the importance of having a structured method of defining and establishing the steps necessary to ensure that a product satisfies the customer.

Course Features

  • To enable participants to understand and appreciate the following:-
  • The role of FMEA in quality planning and recognise that quality planning is the cornerstone of defect prevention and continuing improvement.
  • Realise the links (input and output) between FMEA and other quality system elements.
  • Use related techniques such as function trees and faults tree analysis in order to improve the effectiveness of FMEA.
  • Distinguish between system, design and process FMEAs.
  • Perform a process FMEA.
  • Recognise and overcome the pitfalls sometimes experienced in performing an FMEA.
  • The responsibility for, and approaches to initiating, updating and acting on FMEAs.
  • The identification of critical characteristics and general management of the FMEA system and appreciate the role of computer-based FMEA.