Course Description

Course Code : HSAF2080

Most work with asbestos needs to be carried out by a licensed contractor. Certain types of work,. listed in HSE Publication 'Asbestos Essentials' does not need a license and can be carried by non-licensed personnel provided they have received appropriate training.

This course is suitable for people who are likely to disturb asbestos while carrying out their normal everyday work, or who may influence how work is carried out.


Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to introduce delegates to the requirements of 'Asbestos Essentials' (HSG 210) to enable them to carry out non licensed work safely and in accordance with current relevant legal requirements be able to knowingly disturb lower risk asbestos containing materials.

It will provide delegates with suitable and sufficient information to enable them to recognise and avoid risks in order to protect themselves while working in areas where they may disturb asbestos containing materials.

Course Features

- Introduction.

- Current legal requirements.

- Introduction to Asbestos Essentials (HSG 210).

- Asbestos types risks, properties.

- Where can you find asbestos?

- Health effects of asbestos.

- Uses and risks of Asbestos Containing Materials in buildings.

- Requirements of equipment and method sheets (HSG 210).

- Summary.

- Assessment - written test


Certification: Candidates will be issued with a C2K Training, certificate upon successful completion of written test and training course. 


Control 2K provide complimentary training materials, text books where applicable, a buffet lunch for full day courses and refreshments.