Course Description

Course Code : ITEC0180

This course is designed to teach delegates the basic principles of using AutoCAD and to explain some further techniques that can be used to improve the efficiency of producing drawings.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course you will be presented with an Autodesk Authorised Completion Certificate.

Course Features

• Working with files
• Displaying objects, inputting data, creating basic objects
• Using object snaps, polar tracking & polar snap, object
snap tracking
• Selecting objects, creating & changing the position
of an object
• Using layers
• Changing & matching object properties, using the properties
• Using line types, inquirer commands, trimming & extending
• Joining and breaking objects, fillet & chamfer
• Changing part of an objects shape
• Using layouts and viewports
• Creating multiline and single line text
• Editing and using text styles
• Creating & editing dimensions, using dimension styles
• Using multiheaders
• Hatching objects and editing hatch objects
• Working with polylines, creating splines & creating ellipses
• Using tables
• Using page setups and plotting drawings
• Using drawing templates