Course Description

Course Code : BMBA2060

This course is particularly useful for organisations that have begun a Total Quality process and wish to move forward in term of performance.

Course Objectives

to follow

Course Features

  • Types of Bench - Marking.
  • The Bench - Marking Team.
  • Code of conduct.
  • Managing the Team.
  • Bench - Marking and the Quality Excellence Model.
  • Internal and External issues, Identifying critiical success factors.
  • Introduction to Process Analysis.
  • Identifying Key business process.
  • Defining a process.
  • Setting Process requirements.
  • Measuring process performance and data collection.
  • Where to begin bench marking.
  • Examples of bench marking applications.
  • Setting of project work.
  • There is an option available to carry out a project review at a later date to examine how the training has been implemented through the setting of the project.