Course Description

Course Code : HSAF2030

All businesses are at risk of fire. Fire safety training will introduce staff to all of the essential knowledge of fire safety in the workplace. The one-day training cover topics such as physical and health hazards, fire extinguishers and good housekeeping.

The course can be used to form part of a companies due diligence when following The regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 for England and Wales. 

The training will equip your staff with knowledge of how fires can occur in the workplace along with how to prevent them from starting.



Course Objectives

Compile and regularly review the Fire Risk Assessment for the premises.

Inform staff of any risks that you have found when carrying out the Fire Risk Assessment.

Implement, review and maintain fire safety measures to wholly remove or reduce the risk of fire to those in the premises.

Plan, and make your plans available for other, for an emergency.

Adequately train staff in fire safety and provide necessary information as outlined above.

Course Features

Fire uses in the workplace
The fire triangle
Fire safety regulations
The responsible person - Responsibilities
Fire incidents statistics
Electrical Hazards
Causes of fire
Types of fire extinguishers
How fire spreads
Writing a fire risk assessment
The 5 step risk process
Hazards in the workplace