Course Description

Course Code : ELEC3010

As part of C2K’s ongoing development of its electrical courses our Mechanical to Electrical conversion course has been designed with the intention of giving either, existing mechanical tradesmen, or those wishing to undertake a re-visit of previous training an in-depth understanding of electrical principles, along with practical exercises to consolidate understanding.

Having completed the first week, delegates will undertake part 2 of the conversion course with practical exercises to include but not limited to, Safe Isolation, Motor Testing and Wiring of DOL, Star-Delta, Soft Start and Variable Speed Drives.

Incorporated in the course is the City & Guilds Portable Appliance Testing (2377-22) qualification.

Course Objectives

To understand basic electrical principles.

Learning to use various test instruments and identify the correct symbols.

Build and Test lighting and socket circuits.

Understanding basic drawings / diagrams.

Fault finding on domestic and control circuits including some rectification.

Demonstrate Portable Appliance Testing and knowledge.

Course Features

Week ONE 

  • Overview of current statutory & Non statutory Regulations including Part P 
  • The Electricity @ Work Regulations & IET Wiring Regulations 
  • Theory of Electricity
  • Health & Safety when working with Electricity 
  • Ohm's Law 
  • Circuit Principles & use of meters 
  • Testing of cables 
  • Supply Systems 
  • Overcurrent Devices & Switchgear Fuses 
  • Overcurrent Devices & Switchgear MCB's
  • Plug top safety 
  • Types of cables & Connections 
  • Wiring Systems & Terminations 
  • End of week exam & 2377-22  C&G Portable Appliance Testing

Week TWO 

  • Isolation
  • Securing off Fuses & MCB's
  • Wiring systems & Terminations 
  • Magnetic Principles 
  • Three Phase Induction motor principles Advantages & Disadvantages 
  • Reading of three phase motor plates 
  • Connection of Motors DOL
  • Reduced current Starting 
  • Variable Speed Drives 
  • Practical tests 
  • Revision & Exam