Course Description

Course Code : BMBA2030

This course is designed for engineers who are involved in the design and manufacture of components or system.  

The course is to convey an understanding of the requirements of PPAP for production and service commodities to the automotive industry who subscribe to QS9000.


Course Objectives

to follow

Course Features

  • The scope Definition and purpose of PPAP.
  • When Production Part Approval is required.
  • Requirements for Production part Approval.
  • Submission level within PPAP.
  • The Eleven Process Requirements of PPAP.
  • Records and Master Sample Retention.
  • Part Submission Status.
  • Candidate will use a worked case study to become familiar with the documentation that is a requirement of the PPAP, i.e.:-
  • Part Submission Warrant.
  • Appearance Approval Report.
  • Dimensional Report.
  • Material Test Reporting.
  • Performance Test Report.