Course Description

Course Code : CTRL5030


Designed for engineers, this course covers everything you would need to know about setting up a Siemens HMI using the WinCC Flex software package. Content includes configuring a project & communication, designing screens using standard controls, recipes, alarms, and messages.

Course Objectives

To be familiar with the setup and management of a WinCC Flex project including the connection to a Siemens 300 PLC

To be able to create and manage Tags

To be able to create a series of screen containing common screen objects including bar graphs and data fields

To able to setup screen navigation and work with functions

To be able to setup discrete and analogue alarms

To be able to setup and manage recipes

Course Features

  • WinCC Flex Project setup
  • Setup and editing PLC connections
  • Creating and editing screens including working with Templates
  • Working with screen objects and their properties including data fields, bar graphs, labels, alarm and recipe views
  • Setting up navigation between screens including a home menu
  • Setting up and displaying Discrete and Analogue alarms
  • Setting up and displaying Recipes