Course Description

Course Code : INDR3010

This level is suitable for students who have never welded before or has had the equivalent of just a few days work experience. 

Course Objectives

- Can produce single and multi-run fillet welds in the MAG or MMA process and can adjust the settings on the machine in full

- Good academic understanding of both the MMA, MAG, and TIG welding process and how they work

- Received a brief introduction to the history of welding

- Understands the basics of weld discontinuity’s and defects and has received information on how to prevent them

- Has received an introduction into welding applications and industry sectors

- Has had training in setting key welding parameters

Course Features

A full set of course notes made available for each student.

Introduction to tutor and organisations involved 

What is welding 

History of welding

Personal protective equipment PPE

Respiratory protective equipment RPE

Detailed weld process descriptions and diagrams

Using weld procedures and setting key parameters

Joint preparation

Pre-weld and post-weld heat treatment

Consequences of weld failure and industry examples

Introduction to welding inspection and NDT

Common discontinuity’s and defects

Preventing weld defects and troubleshooting issues

Industry terminology and a detailed glossary of common abbreviations and acronyms

Academic examination

Practical weld completion sheets with tutor sign off

Personal Development review and career options