Industreweb Touches down in Lagrama

At Control 2K we pride ourselves on being a total solutions provider. Although you may know us for our training, our range of services include our involvement in EU projects, that we will be telling you about in the coming weeks. 

Today we’re focusing on our work for EFPF specifically our pilot implementation in the furniture domain. On the 2nd  October we successfully sent over Industreweb Collect to Lagrama based in Castellón, Spain. 

The European Factory Platform project (EFPF) realises a federated smart factory ecosystem by primarily interlinking 4 smart factory platforms, from the FoF-11-2016 cluster, through an open and interoperable Data Spine. 

The federation of the 4 base platforms is complemented by industrial platforms, collaboration tools and smart factory systems, specifically selected to support connected factories in lot-size-one manufacturing. The federated EFPF platform delivers enhances value and reduces the barrier to innovation by providing seamless access to services and solutions that are currently dispersed. 

In parallel the platform provides the necessary infrastructure, tools and support for novel service creation and validations by third parties. Further, by fostering healthy competition in the smart factory ecosystem, the EFPF platform will ensure that the needs of the evolving smart manufacturing industry are met for the long term. 

At Control 2K we are involved in the implementation of 3 pilots using Industreweb, AI object detection and a tender and bid management portal.  

Find out more information about the project here.