Course Description

Course Code : ELEC1020

Designed for electrical and non electrical delegates, attendees will develop knowledge and understanding to implement a testing programme for portable electrical appliances.


HSE guidance HSG107 categorises level 1 as:

A person not skilled in electrical work who routinely uses a simple 'pass/fail' type of test instrument where no interpretation of readings is necessary.  The person would need to know how to use the test instrument correctly.  Providing the appropriate test procedures are rigorously followed and acceptance criteria are clearly defined, this routine can be straightforward.


Course Objectives

Gain an understanding of practical disciplines and formal recording processes

Course Features

A General electrical course will be delivered to allow non electrical personnel to gain a greater understanding of the principals of electricity.   

To identify the electrical systems

Understand hazards of electricity 

The course provides instruction on the relevant parts of the Building Regulations and Approved Documents.

Practical assessment will be help on day 2 of the course.

Assessment will be online multiple choice exam (1 HOUR 45 MINUTES) this will take place 1 week from course date. PASS MARK IS 80%