Course Description

Course Code : CTRL3010


This course is an introduction to the Mitsubishi Q, L, & FX PLC products. The course explains the basic hardware structure of the Q, L, & FX Mitsubishi PLC products and introduces the first basic steps of PLC programming using the GX Works2 PLC programming software in “simple mode” with labels. This training goes as far as timers & counters.

No Previous PLC knowledge is required however previous Mitsubishi or competitor PLC knowledge would be useful. An understanding of basic electrical principles and number bases would be an advantage.

This course uses dedicated Q, L, & FX PLC simulator system hardware together with GX Works2 programming software.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course delegates will be able to create and understand basic PLC programs.

Course Features


  • PLC hardware
  • GX Works2 software in simple mode I Logic principles
  • Creating a ladder diagram
  • Program testing
  • Program transfer (Up / Down loading)
  • Simple application programmes
  • Timers & Counters