Course Description

Course Code : CTRL1020

Introduces delegates to a basic understanding of an Allen Bradley RS Logix 5000 PLC System. Using a ControlLogix CPU delegates will configure hardware, setup a project and understand the principles of ladder logic, program structure and tag theory. In addition understanding the concept of basic fault finding.

Course Objectives

Gain an understanding of Allen Bradley RS Logix 5000 PLC System.

Course Features

A practical introduction to SLC5000 Systems 

Overview of system hardware and RS Logix Studio 5000 programming software 

RS Linx communication settings 

Processor files and sub routines 


Introduction to Tags, I/O addressing 

Data monitoring using ‘Trends’ function 

Basic ladder programming  

Logic instructions- XIO/XIC/OTE (Normally Closed/Normally Open/Output Energise) 

Application of Timer, Counter instructions, Latch Bits 

Introduction to fault finding concepts and troubleshooting 

Basic online editing, Forces, Search function