Course Description

Course Code : CTRL2010

This course will introduce delegates to the basic principles of CNC and CNC programming. It covers CNC geometry, offsets, programming codes (G,M etc) with the focus on hands on practical experience.

Course Objectives

Understand the co-ordinate system for standard Milling and Turning machines.

Typical hardware configuration of a CNC system including the use of Absolute and Incremental Encoders.

Carry out the referencing of machine axis.

The role and apply Zero Offsets (Fine & Coarse), Tool Offsets, and Tool Wear.

Able to apply G, M, T, @ commands.

Program basic tool paths including linear and circular interpolation.

Learn how to use Subroutines.

Course Features

CNC geometry including axis spindles reference points and offsets.

CNC machine operation using a Siemens 840C CNC.

Machining Cycles.

Common programming instructions.

Programming of tool paths including linear and circular interpolation.


Compensating with reference point offset after a motor change.

Compensating for backlash using the CNC system settings.