Course Description

Course Code : CTRL0200

Based around the GX Works2 software in “simple mode” with labels, the course will run through the advanced features of the Q, L, & FX PLCs. Concentrating on the applied instruction set, delegates will be able to use mathematical functions, interfacing with analogue units, use complex instructions and many more functions. Students are given many practical exercises to solve.


Course Objectives

At the end of this course students are expected to be competent PLC programmers with an understanding of complex PLC programming.

Course Features

  • Special M coils
  • Multi-operation programming
  • Data registers
  • Using 16/32 bit memory areas
  • Advanced programming techniques
  • Delay programmes I Shift registers
  • Master control
  • Index registers
  • Sub-routines
  • Floating point maths
  • Analogue control
  • Analogue - digital conversion