Course Description

Course Code : CTRL0110

Designed for Skilled Maintenance Personnel with a solid understanding of using a PLC. Topics covered are Simatic S7-1500 Hardware, Project Setup, Hardware Setup and PLC Principles. 

We aim to help you become more proactive and confident in working with PLCs safely and efficiently in day-to-day operations and fault finding situations to reduce downtime and increase profitability.


The aim of this course is to provide delegates with:-

 - An understanding of Siemens Simatic S7 TIA Portal. 

- The ability to confidently use different features throughout the TIA Portal software for fault finding, program changes and backups.

- Gain an understanding of the more advanced instruction set of the Siemens Simatic S7 TIA Portal S7-1500 PLC range.


Course Objectives

To understand :-

The different SIMATIC PLC models.

The main components that compromise an S7-1500 PLC.

The features and operational characteristics of primary components.

The probability and causes of failure of primary components.

How to set up directory folder to save project.

Defining default folders and language settings.

Setting up communications.

How to create of project.

How to setup hardware.

The structure of a project.

How to add a new device by either; scanning the network to detect the station (PLC) or using the hardware catalogue.

Where to change the input and output addresses.

Adding subnet PLC station.

PLC scan.

The role of OB1

Calling of blocks.

The different ways to monitor the PLC program.

Address areas and naming.

Comparing the online/offline projects.

Other Block types and there use: FC, FB, DB

Program structures & best practice

Program labels and descriptions

Course Features

What sets us apart from other providers is how hands-on our courses are. Our unique facilities are designed to create a practical environment for all levels of personnel. Control 2K provide complimentary training materials, text books where applicable, a buffet lunch and refreshments.