Course Description

Course Code : CTRL0110

Focused on TIA Portal (V14) Software, this course gives you all the basics to configure, program and fault find on the new Siemens S7-1500 range. Basic HMI functionality is also covered.

Course Objectives

To be familiar with the setup and management of projects

To understand how to setup and make changes to a hardware configuration

To understand the structure of a PLC programme and its operation

To be able to implement and edit a PLC programme including common blocks: OB, FC, FB, DB

To understand the fundamentals of PLC logic instructions in Ladder, FBD, and STL format

To understand more complex programming functions including Times and Counters

To be able to use the TIA Portal Software suite to be able to determine the cause of PLC and Machine faults

Course Features

SIMATIC S7 1200 & 1500 programmable controller architecture and associated hardware

  • Physical installation
  • Network communications
  • Principles of PLC operation
  • Systems configuration and I/O Module addressing
  • Memory areas
  • Addressing Principles
  • Data Types
  • Introduction to TIA Portal
  • Methods of program representation: Ladder, FBD, STL
  • Block types used within step 7: OB, FC, FB, DB.
  • An introduction to Boolean algebra
  • Common program instruction including Timer, Counter, Move, Set/Reset, POS & NEG edge detect
  • Introduction to structured programmes - Sequence based approach
  • Program documentation
  • Loading, backing up and archiving of programs
  • SIMATIC TIA Portal fault finding principles
  • Diagnostics tools and facilities
  • System maintenance