Course Description

Course Code : HSAF2110

Safety awareness is an essential part of a companies’ health and safety performance. All employees need to demonstrate competency in carrying out their jobs in a safe manner and without risks to their health and safety or that of their fellow workers. Safety awareness is like almost everything else we do, it’s learned, not instinctive. We aren’t born with awareness for safety concerns, in fact everyone who has a young toddler or grandchild knows this first hand as they see them going around doing unsafe things constantly.

Course Objectives

This short course aims to develop within individuals, through active participation in learning activities, an awareness of what goes on in their workplace that can cause harm to themselves or others, and to appreciate what they and others need to do to keep the workplace safe and healthy.

Course Features

  • Roles and responsibilities of people at work.
  • Company safety rules.
  • Common workplace hazards and controls.
  • Hazard spotting exercise.
  • What to do to be safe.
  • Practical exercise “Keeping Safe”.
  • What to do if things go wrong.
  • Summary.
  • Assessment.