Course Description

Course Code : HSAF2140

Many industrial processes may involve potentially hazardous substances. Even simple cleaning requires the use of detergents, degreasers and other potentially harmful substances. COSHH training is needed for anyone who handles hazardous substances such as industrial chemicals, cleaning agents, biological and chemical waste. The COSHH Regulations set out controls and measures the employer must take to ensure that employees and others do not become ill.

Course Objectives

The programme has been developed to provide those who use substances hazardous to health at work with knowledge of the hazards associated with those substances, the risks and controls available and what their and their employers’ responsibilities are under current legislation.

Course Features

  • Definition and types of substances hazardous to health in the workplace
  • Health effects of hazardous substances and their causes
  • COSHH assessments and control options
  • Responsibilities imposed by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002.
  • Safety data sheets.
  • Personal protective equipment.
  • Dealing with emergencies.
  • Assessment – written test.