Course Description

Course Code : HSAF2300

Warehousing and storage cover a wide range of activities that can result in various hazards and risks. Effective health and safety management involves the employer looking at the risks that arise in the workplace and then putting sensible health and safety measures in place to control them. By doing this you can protect your most valuable asset, your employees, as well as members of the public from harm. You will also help protect your premises, goods, equipment and reputation.

Course Objectives

The course has been developed to assist in the identification of hazards and risks present in a warehouse environment, and to select and put in place sensible precautions to control these to reduce accidents, ill health and damage.

Course Features

  • Typical warehouse accidents and health risks
  • Key legal requirements
  • Applying health and safety management techniques in the warehouse
  • Typical warehouse hazards
  • Workplace inspections
  • Selection, use and maintenance of work equipment and the environment.
  • Assessment – written test