Course Description

Course Code : BMBA2050

Training designed to encourage the creation of a safe, efficient and productive work place.

This course is designed for anyone who is personally involved in the organisation of the workplace - both shop floor and office.

An excellent introduction to the use of Visual Factory. The 5S`s incorporates the use of visual displays and visual controls to minimise clutter and introduce orderly process to the work place.



Course Objectives

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Course Features

  • Introduction to continuous improvement training and World Class Manufacturing.
  • Traditional History of Manufacturing.
  • Aim and objectives of the 5S.
  • Identification of Value Added and NonValued added work.
  • Recognition of waste and their application.
  • The 5S and how they impact on Quality, Cost Delivery and Safety.
  • Application of 5S.
  • Examples of companies who have successfully implemented a 5S lean production system.