Course Description

Course Code : HSAF2330

The IOSH Working Safely course allows everyone to understand the importance of safety and health.

No matter what your role is, what level you are or what sector you work in, it’s important for you to know the essentials of health and safety to ensure you protect yourself and your colleagues.

Working Safely is a fun and enjoyable course aimed at workers who need to learn and understand the basics of occupational safety and health including hazards, risks and how to improve safety performance.

Course Objectives

To provide learners with an understanding of how their actions in the workplace contribute to safety and health

To ensure that learners clearly understand their safety and health responsibilities

Course Features

Learning outcomes

The learner will be able to:

  • Identify why it is important to work safely
  • Identify everyone’s responsibilities in relation to safety, health and wellbeing in the workplace
  • Define key terms in safety and health
  • Identify workplace hazards and risks, their impact and how to control them
  • Identify ways safety, health and wellbeing are managed and improved in the workplace