Course Description

Course Code : ELEC2010

This is an ideal course for the mechanically biased tradesperson looking to move into a more multidiscipline role. The course provides a good introduction towards electrical competency and is an ideal prerequisite for the IET Regulations 18th edition course.


Course Objectives

Learn and Understand Basic Electrical Principles.

Building and testing electrical circuits.

Electrical safety and Isolation procedures.

Basic fault finding using a variety of test instruments.

Co-ordination and understanding of electrical protective devices.

Course Features

Deal with electrical safety including electrical shock and associated procedures.

Follow correct procedure for isolation, including locking off and permit to work.

Demonstrate an understanding of circuit theory.

Recognise voltage levels found at industrial installations.

Safely use a variety of test instruments to measure voltage, current resistance and insulations resistance.

Indicate an introduction to the I.E.T. Regulations & Electricity at Work Regulations.

Demonstrate an understanding of the need for earthing and bonding.

Safely disconnect and reconnect single phase and 3 phase supplies.

Principles of induction motors.

Motor starting methods - DOL, Star Delta, Inverter.

Overcurrent protection.