Course Description

Course Code : INDR2010

A highly practical course which will aid diagnostic approach and lead to faster identification and resolution of faults.  This is a predominately hands on course designed for maintenance engineers and multi skilled technicians who are likely to be the first to respond to breakdown situations. It will underpin a basic understanding of control systems, looking at the commonalities between disciplines, their concept and construction.

Course Objectives

To understand the relationship between pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, PLC's and electrical systems.

To be able to approach a breakdown situation in a methodical manner.

To be able to construct electrical and pneumatic circuits following schematic drawings.

Understand the basic principles of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's)

Course Features

Overview of pneumatics

Reading pneumatic drawings, symbols and pipework

Constructing circuits following drawings

Electro pneumatics

Latch circuit, relays/ contactors

Open loop and closed loop control

Safe Isolation procedure

Introduction to 3 phase motors

Reading electrical drawings

Exercise in testing an electric motor for integrity and balance (dead testing)

Drawing and labelling 24 volt motor control circuit

Built and test run the circuit

Brief history and overview of safety relays, why we have them and how they have evolved

Fault find using each others panels and drawings

Introduction to PLC control

PLC Addressing

Replacing an I/O card