Course Description

Course Code : INDR0030

To provide basic training for individuals requiring Pneumatic and / or Hydraulic systems knowledge.  

Principles and Concepts of Pneumatic and Hydraulic controls Using ‘Festo’ pneumatics and hydraulic rigs.

A ‘hands on approach’ designed for maintenance engineers, technicians or operators, in order to improve efficiency, maintenance and fault location. The course delivers a basic  understanding of pneumatic, electro pneumatic and hydraulic systems, equipment, symbols and drawings.


Course Objectives

Understanding of Pneumatic Principles

Safety Issues regarding Electro Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems

Knowledge of Equipment band ability to construct circuits using a variety of control methods, working pressure, operating speed, timed and sequenced operations.

Identification of the common graphic symbols and components used in diagrams. Symbols

Course Features


  • Supply to the system.
  • Pump characteristics.
  • The basic elements of a system.
  • Study of the static & dynamic system.
  • Control of movement.
  • Types of actuators - Single, double acting and rotary.
  • Speed control - Meter in and meter out principles.
  • Pressure control.
  • Sequence circuits - Using pressure control and time control.
  • Understanding ISO symbols and Pneumatic and hydraulic symbols.
  • Study of industrial circuits diagrams.
  • Fault finding and system set up.